Friday, April 6, 2007

CSKCP Newsletter for April

Number 1

April 2007

Quick fact: Magarini constituency is ranked 189th out of 210 constituencies in the national poverty indexes compiled by the Central Bureau of Statistics in 2005.


§ Programme update

§ New office

§ Vaccinations

§ Computer Training

§ ECD Survey

§ Visits from Italy

§ Global Social Forum

§ This year’s plans

Julius Fondo in front of the brand new CSKCP/Terre Solidali – Magarini CBO Forum Office in Gongoni

Julius Fondo consulting with Bahari Ya Kati School Management Committee

Division Health Officer Maimona administers tetanus vaccinations to children at Che Shale – Kasimani School

Malindi ECD Coordinator explains the elements of the joint MoE - Terre Solidali survey to ECD teachers/caregivers

Quick Fact: Quick Fact: 19% of schools surveyed reported that they had no access to water, 65% said there was no drinking water available at their schools

First computer training session

Kau Kau group visiting Che Shale – Kasimani School

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CSKCP volunteer teacher Sara Spiridigliozzi at Che Shale – Kasimani School

Ex – CSKCP teacher volunteer Miresi Busana and James at the World Social Forum in Nairobi, the forum brought together tens of thousands of community activists, development workers and their organizations under the theme of “Another world is possible”

Quick Fact: Primary drop out rates in Malindi district stand at 44.7% and 59.9% for boys and girls. Secondary school enrolment rates are 14.7% for boys and 1.7% for girls in the district.

Justin and Marzia treating the Che Shale – Kasimani school kids in front of Che Shale

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Current ECD Expansion

The CSKCP enters its fourth year of operation with renewed hope and plans for expansion. Over the last year, the Programme has undergone a number of fundamental changes. Most significant has been the shift from general “community mobilization” to provide more focused support to Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres. With the help of Terre Solidali, the Italian NGO that came on board for us last year, the CSKCP is seeking to broaden its financial base and is now seeking new institutional donors with access to public funds, while maintaining and, hopefully, expanding its private base.

The Programme is currently working with four Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres (often referred to as “Nursery schools” locally), but is well positioned to expand as soon as funds become available. The Baharini and Che Shale – Kasimani schools are showing continued progress, whilst Kavuniolalo and Bahari ya Kati schools are proceeding smoothly through the early stages of CSKCP assistance.

New Office

Our Italian partner, Terre Solidali, has opened a new office in Gongoni town, in collaboration with the Magarini CBO Forum, with whom it now shares the office. The new office is conveniently located within walking distance of the majority of the various Magarini Division Government Offices, including the Education Office, the Health Office and that of the newly appointed Magarini DO. Terre Solidali has equipped the office with a laptop computer and has reached an agreement to financially support the Magarini CBO Forum in its support of locally active CBOs (Community Based Organizations) in their community enhancing activities.

The Terre Solidali team has also increased in size. The well known Fundisa-based community mobilizer, Julius Fondo, began working with the CSKCP shortly after graduating from Mombasa Polytechnic with a Diploma in Community Development. Julius is known not only for his work with youth groups, but also for his HIV/AIDS awareness activities and CBO capacity building. His presence has greatly enhanced CSKCP’s ability to liaise with the local community.

Terre Solidali is now finalizing its formal registration in Kenya. Regional Coordinator Dario Zecchini has had productive meetings with the Kenyan NGO Council, an agreement in principle has been reached, Terre Solidali’s name is registered, and we are currently undergoing the final approval stage -- the Council’s scrutiny of the required forms. Terre Solidali’s registration is being sponsored by CFC bank, which has been supporting meetings with the NGO Council, as well as providing Terre Solidali with a bank account, (the details of which are attached to the back of this newsletter).


Terre Solidali’s CSKCP has been working with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education in Magarini division to improve the current programme of administering vaccinations through ECD Centres. Last year, CSKCP discovered that ongoing Kenyan vaccination programmes for tetanus were not reaching all CSKCP schools. Indeed, a joint Terre Solidali – Ministry of Education’s ECD survey showed that the majority of ECD centres were not being reached at all by the vaccination programmes.

To improve the situation, CSKCP, with assistance from Che Shale Beach Resort and Vanilla Estates, organized a visit to the schools (and provided transport) for the Division Health Officer and an assistant. During this visit, pupils at the ECD Centres were provided two separate vaccinations, as well as deworming medication. CSKCP is now trying to facilitate a long-run, sustainable solution to the problem.

ECD Survey

Last summer, Terre Solidali linked with the Ministry of Education’s Malindi District ECD Unit and the Magarini Division Education Officer to conduct a survey of all of the ECD Centres in the Division. The survey provided information on 58 of the estimated 90 schools in Magarini division and provided valuable information regarding the resources available to ECD Centres, including infrastructure, water and sanitation, learning materials and finances, as well as information regarding the running of the schools. The results will be released in a joint Ministry-Terre Solidali report later this month.

Computer Training

The CSKCP initiated its long planned computer training to members of the forum and government officials last week at the Baptist Church in Gongoni. Participants learn basic computer operation including basic word processing, spreadsheets and introduction to typing in a two day course. Thanks to Rachel and Mueni Maithya for all of their hard work and commitment.

Visits from Italy

Over the last two months, CSKCP enjoyed many visits from donors, old and new. Visitors included the Miorin group (who were referred to the Programme by ex CSKCP volunteer Miresi Busana), the Kau Kau Group, who visited the Che Shale School for perhaps the third time in three years, as well as the Marina Grasso group staying at Angel’s Bay resort, but referred to CSKCP by Luca Dercole. Thanks to everyone for their generosity.

In addition to these groups, Vanessa Aniere and Vanilla Estates organized visits to the Baharini Academy for various donors from Denmark. Vanilla Estates provides excellent support to Baharini Academy as well as to the CSKCP. Thank you Vanessa and all of your neighbours!

In other news, the CSKCP has learned that the Kau Kau group will be extending its clothing line in order to increase its support to the Programme. Thanks to Maurizio, Manu and all the gang for all of their support!

Latest Volunteer

Extra special thanks also goes to our latest volunteer, Sara Spiridigliozzi, an elementary school teacher volunteering with Terre Solidali. Sara’s help to the school included teaching some special classes, providing physical education, assisting the latest vaccination campaigns and providing much needed learning materials to the school. Thanks Sara, we’re anxiously waiting your return this summer!

World Social Forum

Terre Solidali and the CSKCP participated in the World Social Forum 2007 which took place in Nairobi at the end of January. The Forum, which was held in Africa for the first time since its foundation in 2000, was an excellent opportunity for networking and discovering new innovative techniques, especially in the community mobilization and education sectors, which will all benefit the CSKCP in the future. Thanks again to ex-CSKCP volunteer Miresi Busana for all of your hospitality.

What Next?

Currently the CSKCP is finalizing its report on the current status of ECD in Magarini division with the Ministry of Education Malindi ECD Unit. CSKCP will advocate for both the allocation of increased resources to ECD Centres (nursery and feeder primary schools) as well as for an increase in capacity building to their management committees. A report on the water and sanitation in the division will follow.

Thanks to their recent success and impending registration with the NGO Council, Terre Solidali and the CSKCP are now ready to expand! Resource mobilization is full speed ahead, and we would appreciate all the help we can get on this front. So please, if anyone out there hears of any opportunities for funding, please let us know.

The CSKCP currently has sent a couple of proposals for small grants to funding organizations in Italy and Kenya. In the meantime, some funds are expected soon from the initiative below. Have a look!

Asante Che Shale!

The CSKCP and Terre Solidali would like to express its deep gratitude to Che Shale, without whom none of this would be possible. Che Shale provided lodging, excellent food, transport, its network of clients, some financial resources, as well as, and most importantly, moral support to the Programme in its initial stages. Thank you to Justin, Marzia and Luca and all of their staff for all of the help, support and love that made the Programme a success.

Corporate Sponsors

The CSKCP is currently on the look out for corporate sponsors to further support the programme. Your support will not only improve the situation in the local community, it will provide you, the donor, visibility in the local community, in greater Malindi, and in the donor communities spread throughout Europe and North America, many of whom are return clients to Kenya for tourism.

Please contact James Terjanian for further information ( or +254 (0) 720 22 5001)